Repeal the smoking ban in pubs and other private premises

The ban on smoking in public places should be fully supported as these areas are, at least in theory, collectively owned. However, to expand the arm of the state into regulating whether one can smoke in one's own private business, i.e. a pub, is preposterous. If a pub landlord allows customers to smoke in his pub then customers should be allowed to smoke in his pub and if a landlord does not allow customers to smoke in his pub then customers should not be allowed to smoke in his pub. It is completely up to the owner. Imposing such regulation is beyond the scope of the government. If non-smokers do not want to inhale secondhand smoke then it is their responsibility not to enter the pub, just as it is one's responsibility not to enter a lap dance club if they do not wish to see lap dancing.

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Jack Neary

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Monday 6 May 2013

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