Replace Child Benefit with universal free school meals and transport

Education is key to a childs future, what is why I propose this e-petition. Firstly, the guarantee for all state school children to receive a proper meal whilst at school will only enhance their ability to learn and concentrate. This will also allow the school to spend less time on the administration of school meals. Secondly, universal free public transport would allow every parent to make more choices when it comes to selection of schools for their children. If more children were on a bus to school this would also reduce the carbon impact of 'the school run'. Finally, by providing the above instead of child benefit this would mean the government need not worry about implementing complexed new rules on Child Benefit which ultimately cost more to administer than it actually saves. Overall savings for the government and children at school will all benefit from these changes. I would give up my child benefit gladly for a policy like this

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Paul Noonan

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Wednesday 2 April 2014

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Friday 3 April 2015

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