Require Welfare claimants to 'sign on' twice a day, every day

In order to prevent fraud and instil the discipline of regularly getting up and going to work all able bodied 'job seekers' should be required to attend the benefit office and sign on every morning and sign off again every evening. This would require claimants to follow a set daily routine just like everyone who works has to.
This simple measure would stop fraudulent claimants from also illegally working and would give job-seekers a reason to get up each morning, attend the job centre and hopefully find work. It would cost the Government nothing and would be seen as a practical step that is trying to help people improve their lives. Those who don't sign on as required should immediately lose Job Seekers allowance and all of their other benefits should reduce on a sliding scale until they comply with the daily signing on requirement and develop the necessary routine and discipline required to find and keep a job.

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Tim Raymond

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Saturday 19 November 2011

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Wednesday 21 November 2012

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