Restrict opportunities for gardens to be paved/tarmacced over

Paved, concrete and tarmac drives stop rainwater reaching the water table and exacerbate urban flood/drought cycles.
Water which would have soaked into soil cannot reach the soil. The soil that is exposed is saturated or washed off, while under the tarmac it's too dry. Water runs straight off hard surfaces, usually into drains which cannot cope with the levels of surface run-off caused by the craze for off-road parking. The water is directed into rivers and straight out to sea. The land does not get the benefit of the rainfall.

The high level of run-off caused by these drives leads to:
- urban flooding as drains are unable to cope with the volume of water passing through
-soil impoverishment

We would like to see the restriction of these drives, through:
- a need to apply for planning permission to pave over a garden (this in itself should be a deterrent)
-a bolt-on to stamp duty to discourage homeowners from 'adding value' to their homes by making off-road parking.

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Sophie Merrick

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Wednesday 30 May 2012

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Wednesday 19 June 2013

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