Rethink Student Maintenance Loans - Optionally Larger Loans

A call to David Willetts MP to begin a dialogue over student maintenance loans and to change the current system.

The cost of student living is at crisis point.

The solution is a simple one: optionally larger loans.

This loan would be entirely optional, so it need not be an imposed debt on everyone. With transparency over interest rates, it would be entirely up to each student to make an informed decision on the level of support necessary and to take that risk as they see fit.

If the current loan proposals do not change, we will have a higher education policy which inexcusably discriminates on grounds of wealth.

The current loans are paltry, unfit for purpose and an embarrassment. By next year, the problem will have worsened.

Something must change - and it must change soon, before another generation of students are subject to living a degree in penury.

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David Ellis

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Wednesday 13 November 2013

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Friday 14 November 2014

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