Rethink the 1997 Handgun ban and the 1987 Semi-Automatic rifle ban

Hi, I believe that the gun bans in the UK have been a complete knee jerk reaction to CRIMINALS committing horrific crimes.

How is a target shooter, or a game hunter, or even the average citizen meant to walk the streets without being a target for a crime? A criminal is more likely to invade a house or mug someone if they know they are unarmed, we live in the era of knives, knuckle dusters, guns, and many other types of weapons held by a thug, it is time to give British citizens their rights back.

RETHINK the gun bans, I'm not saying follow the USA by letting any imbecile buy a gun, but we should regulate the guns in the UK not outlaw them.

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Ashley Balu

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Tuesday 28 May 2013

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