Return of Birching

This E petition was rejected as there are already petitions open , however those 2 petitions prescribe birching for rioting and looting only.
My petition allows for the option of birching for every offence and is fundamentally different from the existing petitions.

The restoration of corporal punishment should be introduced as part of the range of punishments open to Magistrates and Judges. Magistrates and Judges should have the option of choosing corporal punishment either as a sentence in its own right or in addition to other punishments such as fines and Jail. It would provide immediate and swift punishmernt for those convicted of crimes such as anti social behaviour and would deter re-offending. In the case of more serious crimes it would give the offender a practical demonstration of society's disgust with their actions to go alongside Jail terms. There would be no mandatory sentencing , corporal punishment COULD be chosen if the Judge/Magistrate feels it is appropriate.

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John Dodds

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Tuesday 16 August 2011

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Friday 17 August 2012

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