Return our britain back.

I think we have been pushed into a E.U country when most of the public had no say.Crime has increased,a way of life,the attitude all can do as they want,drinking hours increased,return to the last orders days,reduce underage drinking problems in turn.We used to be a proud country but crime comes to us with gangs of visitors,only to commit crime.No pride is felt by the public & the public do not feel apart of decisions,this wont be agreed with but its true.Illegal immigrants arrive,disappear,unable to be removed without I.D/passport,why? The answer is to freeze incoming border control,people coming to live etc.Older generation watch this country be disolved by all in charge & past mistakes.Great britain has lost its 'great',its a shame.Return to how we used to be,independant,have a industry & stop the free for all actions.

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lee rendle

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Thursday 12 December 2013

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