Reverse 20 years long residency rule to 14 years residency to legalise status.

Thousands are affected with this rule as it forces individuals to spend their whole life here to get indefinite leave to remain.
So if a person arrives here in his early 20s, he has to spend 20 years of his life to apply only for leave to remain following 3 more leave to remains for next 10 years.

This rule is a cruel step towards humanity as expecting someone to spend half of his life in United Kingdom with no means, no job, no driving licence and doing odd jobs to survive is against article 8: ‘your right to a private and family life’.
Before July 2012, the rule was 14 years long residency before one used to apply for indefinite leave to remain to settle here unconditionally which was not much bad period.
But Prime Minister Theresa May changed this 14 years long residency with 20 years.

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Nikki Khan

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Saturday 9 June 2018

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Saturday 8 December 2018

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