Review or Ban Airports Drop Off Parking Charges/Tax and Airports Short Stay Parking Rates.

Being made to pay a minimum of £1 to drop someone off at the airport is just the airports way I believe of cashing in. By maybe using the reason of safety brought about by the attack on Glasgow airport in 2007.The reason can’t be an environmental deterrent to get people out of the cars as they offer long stay parking sometimes at ridiculously cheap rates in comparison to £1 for ten minutes.
Also the short stay parking rates seem a little unfair.
A scenario
If someone drove to Manchester airport to pick some one up and they are delayed the cost of short stay just balloons. Cost as of the 17/8/2011
Up to 30 minutes £2.20,
Up to 1 hour £4.00,
Up to 2 hours £8.00,
Up to 4 hours £12.00
If the airports dropped their short stay parking charges they would probably get more people using their facilities instead of parking in laybys and side streets waiting for a phone call and could possibly bring in more revenue and the customer doesn’t feel ripped off

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Adrain Fielder

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Wednesday 17 August 2011

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