Review the Under-Occupancy Rules (aka The Bedroom Tax)

We, the undersigned, call on the Government to urgently review the under-occupancy rules on the following grounds:

- a blanket rule is unfair. Many situations are unique & not effectively included in the exceptions, for example: specific disability/illness-related needs like a couple being unable to share a bedroom; separated parents who share childcare; a child who severely disrupts siblings sharing a room.

- it can break up family life for those with an essential support network close to their current home. The 'Big Society' aims to support these networks.

- there aren’t enough smaller social homes for everyone affected to downsize.

- the poorest & most vulnerable people are being hit hardest. This "tax" further cuts the income of those who are already in social housing & receiving benefits due to low income or disability.

Evidence shows the current rules are causing hardship & hunger. We urge the Government to ensure state benefits provide a sufficient safety net.

This e-petition has been rejected with the following reason given:

There is already an e-petition about this issue.

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Susie Fisher

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Wednesday 5 June 2013

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