Reward those who work: Make it UK law that companies must give the same concession rates to those on low income, as those on benefits already recieve.

People who receive benefits like JSA or DLA receive free prescriptions/eye tests/dental care, free education, and concession rate for some leisure activities. This is right, but what about those who work and are on a low income?
Many people who are ill work part time. Many people work in a job that is minimum wage. With prices rising and wages not, these people have no expendable income.
Therefore it should be law that companies offer the same concessions to those on low income (eg< £15,000 p.a.) that they do for the unemployed & students. Reduced fares on public transport, free prescriptions etc, cheap learning, discounted cinema/theatre/festival/sports/museum tickets, discount in shops, etc
This would:
1.Reward those who work.
2.Provide an incentive for more people to get back into work.
3.Stimulate UK entertainment and leisure industries by encouraging people to spend.
4.Encourage people to gain skills & progress careers and open up entry level jobs for the youth unemployed

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Nicola De Boo

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Monday 20 August 2012

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Tuesday 20 August 2013

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