Right and Proper Football Club Owner Checks.

Many clubs in Britain (Premier League especially) are now subject to foreign investment and, while some prospective owners are well-intentioned, countless others are in it purely for the publicity and higher profile awareness for their business.
Cases include: Portsmouth F.C, Notthingham County, Liverpool F.C, Blackburn Rovers and many others.
While I admit Football isn't the be all and end all it does affect many things in the community. For example if a club goes into administration due to poor management then jobs are lost, fans money is lost on local businesses such as pubs etc.
Often a football club is the beating heart of a community, fans work hard all week so that they can afford the now extortianate price of a ticket and for what? To see their club run by people who could not care less and who have not got a clue what a massive responsibility owning a football club entails.
If you care about football at all then please add your signature, YOUR CLUB MAY BE NEXT!

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John Mullaney

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Saturday 26 November 2011

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