Sack Maria Miller MP for abuse of Public Office and Expenses Theft

Given an official enquiry has found against Maria Miller to the tune of £45,000 yet has been "Bullied" into accepting repayment of only £5,400 of this money, a clear breach of the behaviour required of an MP in public office has taken place alongside possible embezzlement of public funds.

As such, this MP should be removed form the House of Commons as unfit to hold a Public Office and forced to repay all of the money she has wrongfully claimed, to the last audited penny, along with the costs associated with investigation and closure for this case.

Maria Miller should face a court prosecution for theft at the least, and fraud as an ideal charge with full investigation of her financial affairs, including taxation and all required public disclosures in order to satisfy the Public of all of the facts in this case with a suitable jury selected to judge her innocence or guilt as appropriate.

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Michael Owen

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Sunday 6 April 2014

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