Save Our Solar Industry

Government cuts to the solar PV (electricity) feed in tariff by more than 25%, will all but kill off the fledgling industry. We propose the level be reduced no further than 15% per year and have a clear degression plan for future investment stability.

The feed-in tariff scheme is paid for by electricity companies, meaning the average bill payer subsidises the cost of the investment of solar panels by a small increase in bills. However we are already subsidising the cost of other future power generation investments chosen by fossil fuel favouring energy companies.

In the current scheme forces them to invest in decentralised, clean energy. Given the facts most people will understand and support those costs for a sustainable future.

Cuts above 50% will mean payback of over 18 years which most people will not be able to afford, killing off the industry which has been growing successfully in the past few years.

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Trevor Kenwrick

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Sunday 30 October 2011

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