Save Portsmouth Ship Building - Do Not Sacrifice To Appease The Scots.

It is wrong to protect jobs in Glasgow at the expense of Portsmouth which is the Nations most important Port with heritage second to none and over 500 years of ship building history. Scotland will possibly leave the UK and this will leave us with our ships being built by a foreign nation which is absolute madness.

If Scotland votes to leave the UK then so be it and good luck to them, but do not crawl and beg to them, by giving them our jobs. Keep the jobs in the UK and if it means job losses in Glasgow let the SNP be responsible for these losses.

If job losses are directed to Portsmouth then this will be political suicide as many life long Tory and LibDem supporters will not support you at the next election.

The Government should ensure defense contracts remain at this, the Nations most important Port. If BAE announce an end of ship building in Portsmouth, the Government must convince BAE to reverse the decision and keep Portsmouth Ship Building alive.

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George Rigley

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Wednesday 6 November 2013

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