Save the packed lunch.

Now following the fines parents have to pay if we want to take our children on holiday during term time we are now possibly being told what we can and cannot feed our children while they are in school.

As parents and carers we should be able to decide what is best for our children but if packed lunches were banned this choice would be taken away from us and our children could possibly be forced to eat food they do not like.

This also does not take into play children with severe allergies and intolerances who cannot always eat school dinners. Not to mention children who genuinely do not like some the food which is served by schools.

A stop needs to be put to the government thinking they know what’s best for our children and let the parents and carers decide.

Please sign this petition if you think packed lunches have just as much place in schools as school dinners.

Lets not let the government take away more of our choices as parents and carers

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Lucy Grocott

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Friday 12 July 2013

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