Scotland did NOT vote "Yes" to further devolution of powers to the Scottish Parliament

The option of so called "devolution max" was deliberately left off the ballot paper in the Scottish Independence Referendum held on 18th September 2014. The electorate was presented with a straight choice between "yes" or "no" to independence.

Since the conclusion of the referendum result, there has been a flurry of intentions announced to deliver further devolution to Scotland "as demanded by the people of Scotland".

There is NO political mandate for pursuing a further devolution settlement. As this option was left off the ballot paper, it should not be pursued when voters did not have the chance to vote in favour or against further devolution. The Government must not pursue these proposals having failed to put them to the electorate.

This e-petition has been rejected with the following reason given:

It did not have a clear statement explaining what action you want the government to take.

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A Scot

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Friday 17 October 2014

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