!!! SCRAP - Article 8 of the Human Rights Act !!!

Common sense has fled...

Many illegal immigrants and criminals that would (in a sensible world) be deported are abusing Article 8 of the Human Rights Act enabling them to stay in the UK legally, indefinitely and are claiming benefits i.e our tax/money.

The Home Office has confirmed that the ‘right to a family life’ has become the number one excuse used by convicts successfully blocking removal from the UK.

--- Action for the government to take; Get exemption from Article 8 ---

Make a stand, we must do what we can.
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"This argument was used in more than half of all successful appeals against deport­action last year."

"A foreign criminal who was jailed for his role in a £1 million benefits fraud has used human rights laws to avoid being deported."

"They argue that they have been in Britain so long that they have a family or have built up a relationship here and it would be damaged by their removal."

...common sense regained!

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Troy Wynne

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Monday 7 November 2011

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Thursday 8 November 2012

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