Scrap the expansion plans for Heathrow Airport

More expansion for London, which the residents don't want. More pollution, years of misery on the M25, and wasting taxpayer money in an outdated hub-and-spoke airport operating model. The rest of the UK would love the chance to expand their infrastructure.

East Midlands Airport in Leicestershire is the absolute logical choice for expanding the UK's network. It's got a HUGE runway (already handles 747s, A380s and An-124s), it's right next to the M42 (for M6) and M1, and it's on the route of HS2. If it has to be in London, then Gatwick is by far a more sensible option when you consider disruption, pollution, and cost.

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Will Spencer

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Wednesday 13 June 2018

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Wednesday 12 December 2018

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