Scrap the proposed changes to Probate Court Fees

The current fee is £155. The government is proposing a ‘scale fee’ based on the value of estates:

£50k - £300k = £300
£300k - £500k = £1000
£500k - £1M = £4000
£1M - £1.6M = £8000
£1.6M - £2M = £12000
£2M+ = £20000

Some tax payers may feel the proposed fees are unreasonable & unfair.

The value of the estate should not have any bearing on the court fees, and bereaved family members already bear Inheritance Tax at a rate of 40%.

The government suggests that the increased revenue generated will go towards the maintenance costs of the courts, but surely these funds should be raised from litigation-based legal areas rather than the probate procedure, which is not voluntary and does not require significant amounts of the court's time, or even presence in the court.

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Tuesday 8 March 2016

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