Sever all Diplomatic Ties and Trade Agreements with the United States of America

In light of illegal US espionage against UK, EU and world citizens and thier continuing interference in Non US affairs, ongoing funding and support of wars not involving US territory or citizens, callous disregard for human life in the pursuit of financial gain in foriegn nations, enforcing immoral trade embargo's against nations who endorse thier soveriegn right to national freedom and countless other insults to the global community, the United Kingdom should expel all US diplomats, cancel all military, political and trade deals and revoke any and all Visa's issued to US citizens.

The United States of (north) America, a nation born of genocide, war and exploitation must no longer be permitted to dominate UK politics and thus the UK should set example to the world by declaring US citizens, business and political interests unwelcome on our shores.

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Graham Dancy

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Wednesday 3 July 2013

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