Shared benefits for parents with joint custody.

As a Parent i have Joint Custody of my son.
He stays with me Half of every week and School holidays.
I am on Benefits and so is his Mum, but because she gets his full Benefits i am not entitled to anything.

So i have to use my benefits to support him and pay Bedroom tax because i cant get Housing Benefit for him.

The Law states that only 1 parent can be classed as Sole Carer and Receive the Child Benefit and Housing benefits.

The Government pay a person Benefits to the amount they feel that person can Live on every week. The Benefit that person gets paid is to support that person it does not Include supporting their child.

This petition is to change this law, Parents who SHARE custody of a child should SHARE the Benefits for that child due to the fact that BOTH parents SHARE Custody.

This petition is also asking that Parents with SHARED custody of a child should be Exempt from The Bedroom Tax.

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simon anderson

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Monday 22 July 2013

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Wednesday 23 July 2014

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