Show clemency and free Marine A

There has been a great injustice in the treatment of a Royal Marine Sargeant - known as Marine A.
His treatment by the British establishment is shameful. He may have been convicted of over stepping the mark with his actions, but until one walks in his shoes, no one can pass judgement. This area was known as "death valley" and our guys were subjected to daily attacks. Over 20 marines were injured or maimed in this deployment. Stress and adrenalin must have been through the roof. Despite the cavalier words which we all heard, these were said in the fashion they were as a coping mechanism for dealing with the constant fear of being killed. Our guys who had lost limbs, only for our patrols to find body parts string from trees like trophies. Remember this was and is a war zone and all our forces need our support when being subjected to this constant level of brutality.

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gary dempster

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Sunday 10 November 2013

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