Simple tax for better growth

As proposed by the TaxPayers alliance, change all the confusing, time wasting and unnecessary taxes to one flat tax of 30% (apart from VAT), this would save a lot of money, time and create jobs because of the elimination of growth-stifling bureaucracy.
It would also involve the abolition of 8 major taxes which are responsible for 499 tax reliefs out of 1042:
-Employers national insurance
-Employees national insurance
-Corporation tax
-Capital gains tax
-Inheritance tax
-Stamp duty land tax
-Stamp duty on shares
-Air passenger duty

After 15 years the economy would be 8.4% bigger, investment 60% higher and public sector net borrowing would be £35 billion lower a year. Long term growth would be 0.4% higher each and every year, we must do this for the long term health of our country.

Don't moan about successful people paying less tax because they would give more to charity, this is evident through history and now in the US where taxes are lower but charitable giving higher.

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Benjamin James Smith

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Monday 21 May 2012

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Thursday 23 May 2013

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