Smoke alarms for every UK dwelling

FIVE SMOKE ALARMS! Now It may seem like a ludicrous amount, but scattered around every house would reduce these deaths to almost “ZERO” (and every year thereafter) someone losing their life in a UK house fire would become a rare occurrence, the £2 Billion one-off cost of these is less than what the country borrows EVERY SINGLE WEEK to keep the UK ticking over, and compared to the £1 Billion given to drug addicts in free benefit every year it’s morally the right thing to do!
It’s not dead money! this cash would 100% be recouped by the country as most fires would be then put out with wet towels before they took a hold and burnt down the whole house and contents, a one off £2 Billion expenditure now, and in a few years the UK will be “quid’s in” Billions of pounds would be saved by insurance companies, the emergency services and households, BUT! Only the government can give this sensible expenditure the go ahead.

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Kevin John Harrison

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Thursday 3 November 2011

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Friday 9 November 2012

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