Smoking Ban in public places including streets in an overall ban to combat illhealth, to stop the encoragement of smoking and peer group pressure

Smoking is the lead cause in the UK of cancer deaths. In the world, passive smoking kills 600,000 each year and in the UK 'normal' smoking causes 80,000.

It's a burden on UK resources in health

Smoking has a negative effect on any attempt to have comfortable cafe style restaurants and pubs. It always sems to be the non smoker that has to move on. Some smokers want those in favour of bans o cross the road. What do you do if there is a smoker across the road?....walk in the centre of the road?

People are vulnerable to burns and see others smoking so could be influenced to smoke..

Smokers also drop tens of thousands of butts carrying spit and disease on to streets, parks, beaches etc.

If every one knows it is illegal to smoke in public there will be instant disapproval just as we disapprove of spitting even 'farting.'

bans. Legislate for trial areas before full introduction. Such as at Stony Stratford.

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Paul Bartlett

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Friday 19 August 2011

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