Some of the massive funds allocated to overseas aid should be used to build hospital and desalination ships

Reclaiming desert and drought areas for growing crops (& converting CO2 to oxygen) by utilising desalination plants is worthwhile and can save lives by feeding the world. The coalition Government has pledged overseas aid to the tune of £8.4 billion in their first year, rising in subsequent years to over £11 billion by 2015. Why not use the some of the massive funds allocated for overseas aid to build hospital ships and desalination ships? In this way, Britain can ensure that the aid money is swiftly and effectively used to directly supply fresh water and deliver medical treatment in areas affected by drought, disease, famine, war, climate change, etc. Drought conditions occur from time to time. Warm ocean temperatures (like in El Niño) do cause deserts and disease in topical areas. El Niño warming and cooling by La Niña of ocean temperatures oscillate around a five year cycle.

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Peter Chuah

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Thursday 1 September 2011

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