Sports Hall Hire Price Cap

The price to hire Sports Halls has risen considerably above inflation over the past 10 years, this has meant that many long established clubs can no longer afford to continue. This is being felt across a wide spectrum of minority sports including volleyball, badminton, basketball, netball and handball (this list is not exclusive). Many of these clubs support both elite athlete programs, along with community and youth development, which was the focus of the 'inspire a generation' Olympic legacy. This petition calls for a debate in the House on the entry cost of sport within the UK, and the establishment of a recommended cost of hall hire by the department of Culture, Media and Sport, which is then implimented by all facilities either owned, leased, funded by either the cental or local government, with pressure applied to the private sector to also work towards the set cost.

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Ruari Isted

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Tuesday 4 December 2012

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