Spouse's should get permanent visa's after 10 years of loyalty NOT after 2 years

After spouse's come to the UK they only be loyal until they get a permanent Visa.
This should STOP the person that call's them over is loyal to them waits for them to come and settle down with their husband/wife work's really hard for there partner to come and join them in the UK. then after 2 years goes to the Home Office without any thought of what is going to happen the next day and gets them a permanent stay. Loyal Husband/Wife.
On the other hand the partner they were waiting for to have a life full of dreams gets the permanent stay and disappear's all dreams suddenly shattered. Then when you find them you find out the dark truth they only came here for a stay to send money back home to support there family and not fulfil the dream you had seen.
Let the spouse have a say whether they want the person they called to the UK to have a British Citizenship or Not after 10 years have they had a loyal relationship or Not.

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N Amjad

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Tuesday 25 February 2014

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