Stagger School holidays by County to help childcare and remove holiday peak times (also set holidays to 2 weeks at a time)

Recent clarification to holidays being unacceptable during term time has highlighted how inflated prices are during school holidays. Families will be unable to go away. Children’s first experience of being away from home will be with school. School trips are recognised as offering educational value. A family holiday can also offer education value; teach family values & treasured memories.
I propose: 1, school trips are set when leave would not be disruptive & parents may opt out to go on an alternative family trip (define & doc. educational values). 2, setting term times by county (not school to ensure primary & secondary schools share holiday dates) & if poss stagger one counties holidays against another’s in the country to remove peak travel times (?mobile holiday childcare service to drive school to school?). 3, keep the quantity of holidays but add more terms with each set of holidays with a max. 2 weeks to allow employers to approve holiday requests & help childcare.

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Amanda Godwin

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Wednesday 11 September 2013

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