Start a public information campaign about the role of young counsellors.

I am a young adult wanting to become a counsellor. I've been told numerous of times that I 'do not have the life experience to go into this career at my age.' For young adults in this day & age social media is a big part of our lives and due to our age we really understand and could be a huge help.

A huge quality to a successful counsellor is to show sympathy. Study shows, people who spend the night checking social media are said to rate themselves as less happy and more lonely. The government should campaign to allow young people to become apart of the helping profession in a new format of training by allowing them to give advice and support to young individuals around the impact of social media. Long term, it could reduce mental illness as a therapeutic alliance could be formed.

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Ruby Jayne Porter

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Friday 8 February 2019

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Thursday 8 August 2019