Stop £1m a week in child benefit paid to children living overseas to non Uk residents.

It costs the taxpayer £55 million a year to fund child benefits paid to other countries which is replicated in only four other EU countries — the others require the child to be resident.
It is absurd that child benefit is paid to children who do not even live in the UK.
“At a time that UK taxpayers are being asked to tighten their belts, the Government is paying out over £1 million per week to support children in other countries where costs are, in any case, often much lower.
“The majority of EU countries have the good sense to ensure that the child in question must be resident in that country in order to qualify and it is about time the UK did the same.”
Poland is home to the highest number of children who are receiving benefits claimed in Britain, with more than half the total (25,659) receiving welfare. Child benefit in the UK is worth £81.20 per month for the first child and £53.60 for subsequent children. This is about four times higher than Polish rates.

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Deborah O'Dell

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Monday 4 February 2013

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