Stop abuse to Tennesse walking horses

Yes it occurs in the US but i think this type of cruelty to animals cannot go ignored. The more people who are made aware of such abuse, the more likely we are able to stop it. I want to do this petition because i want to speak for the horses. I want it to stop all together. Tennessee walking horses are majestic animals and should not be exposed to such cruel and ugly conditions.The Tennessee walking horse industry has gone on for too long. What goes on behind closed doors needs to be exposed to everyone. The US are trying to stop it. The humane society of the united states have exposed a video demonstrating the cruelty behind the walking horses.
Getting the UK involved can expand the awareness of these cruel events and hopefully support the work of the humane society of the united states, helping them stop further pain to these defenseless horses.

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It did not have a clear statement explaining what action you want the government to take.

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Leanne Turner

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Monday 22 October 2012

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