Stop ALL Benefits Unless Paid Tax for 2 Years or More

Summer Holidays are here Most of us will be working While the Lazy Or Unemployable Will be spending time with there kids at the beach at the same time we are all at work We cant afford a day off for fear of missing bill payments Why should they be allowed to have everything handed on a plate for them .They get to much money i done a test run and bought 20 pounds shopping and it last me 9 days 10 pound electric Please can any one explain why they can make baby after baby and get rewarded with more money Stop the benefits now and watch the number of single mothers decline Enough is Enough STOP ALL BENEFITS NOW unless you have worked for 2 years or more then you should be entitle to 2 years benefits No one should be able to claim anything for longer than 3 years My ex had been claiming for 13 years never done a job in her life had to leave because she did not want to put me on the tenancy and pay the rent Enough is Enough now ,

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Mr Peter Realman

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Saturday 13 July 2013

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