Stop All the Wars, & Create More Local Investment.

The Government's foreign polices are hurting the own country and the general public. The focus on other country's resources and dictating their polices and how they govern their own country's, is damaging to a country's own economy and the general public.
Every proxy war, every incursion into foreign land should stop now before its too late! subsequently it will create more citizens part of a system and contributing to the country's GDP/per capita income, increase standard of living costs, reduction of taxes, Government subsidies will relief the general public of the burden of costs of living, increase public spending power and create of healthier economy. The general public will be law abiding if the have the opportunity to self attain in life than being suppressed by the polices through a system of the Government.

People want jobs, not hand outs or social support but the chance to provide for themselves.

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Ahsan Michael Rizvi

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Monday 15 August 2011

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