Stop charging families for taking children out out of school

Stop school from fining parents when taking children out of school. Parents should have the right avoid hyped up holidays and take their children on holiday when they want to and in these days when they can afford to enabling quality time with their family. Parents don't make the decision lightly. Teachers don't get fined when they cancel a day of school because they want to strike leaving families having to have time off work or pay for child care with little notice. Teachers complain about having to go peak times too. There are teacher training day's again taking children out of schools and parents don't fine schools and they are the ones out of pocket again. Always costing parents or guardians money. This should stop. It is just another way for Schools to make money and has no detriment on a child's education. The government needs to stop the practice now before the courts are full of parents.....that's a waste of tax payers money unless the Schools are picking up the tab?

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Vicki Skidmore

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Thursday 27 March 2014

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Tuesday 31 March 2015

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