Stop criminalising children for life

Young children can make serious errors of judgment when interacting with other children, particularly with respect to actions of a sexual nature. It is unacceptable, and must be challenged. But the current method of awarding social death sentences through the Final Warning System without any reference to Social Workers or the Youth Justice Board is simply poor. A child is essentially branded a sex offender for life, and has to declare it until they die. Do we really want to 'brand' our children like this? Our children are what we make them, and it may be appropriate to take action against parents instead. But putting young children on the Sex Offenders register? Is this really a public protection move? Or a punishment wielded by junior Police Officers with no training in Child behaviour or psychology. It would be short sighted to suggest that serious offenders do not exist. But get this assesment done by people qualified to do so.

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Iain Low

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Thursday 22 August 2013

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Saturday 13 September 2014

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