Stop discrimation against housing benefit tenants by landlords

There are thousands in an impossible situation, entirely preventable if the following was made illegal.
Landlords/agents are refusing to deal with tenants in receipt of this benefit. Good tenants, with good references, are being denied the same opportunities as those who do not need to claim. In the current economic market, being unemployed, or on a low income is not an acceptable maker for a bad tenant. HB & tax credits are not included within the income calculations carried out on application. Leaving low income families disregarded against others on the same total annual income. How can HB not be included in this, it is purposely allocated to cover rent costs.
Make it illegal to discriminate against HB. References should certainly still be checked, considered & evaluated accordingly. HB tenants should NOT be prevented from applying due to the source of their income & benefits should be included in calculations.
It is socially irresponsible for this to continue

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Rebecca Croot

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Wednesday 29 February 2012

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