Stop Dogs Killing Children

Bring in Law stopping the killing or maiming of children by dogs of any breed, & dog on dog attacks & that forces owners of dogs no matter what breed or size to comply. All dogs MUST be muzzled at all times while children under the age of 17 are present. All dogs MUST be muzzled & on a lead once outside their owners building structure. No dogs to be allowed to be off leads unless muzzled & under the control of owners in areas they exercise in. Only exception to the law should be that muzzles can be removed while the dog feeds within their owners property. Police/security forces dogs whilst under the control of their handler do not need to be muzzled. Anyone not complying with the law should face a minimum fine of £1000.00. Owner who's dog causes injury to a person or other animal or found wandering without being muzzled should face prosecution with a minimum fine of £1000.00 if found guilty. Just so everyone is aware, I am in favour of dogs.

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Colin Moss

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Friday 8 November 2013

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