Stop Excessive Rent for Those Who Live in Hostels or Supported Accommodation

Thousands of people every year end up homeless due to a wide range of circumstances and are placed into Hostels or supported accommodation depending on their age. The price ranges from £150 to £350 a week, average is around £300 (some of these houses, flats are considered unsafe to live in), most of which is paid by taxpayers. The younger generation suffer the most, as in order to go private rented a guarantor is considered the norm. Being young and ending up in one of these institutions it’s highly unlikely a landlord will accept them. A generation or class of people (however you would put it) are being failed, and this needs to be addressed as it’s costing too much for tax payers, and is forcing people into crime to support themselves. If you’re 19+ and decide to go on a full time education course, housing benefit won't pay and if you decide to carry on you will be made street homeless. What does the government expect from people who live in these situations?

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Ashley Gurney

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Monday 18 August 2014

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Monday 30 March 2015

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