stop former police officers carrying out the investigation from the public against the police

We call for the use of former Police officers employed to investigate the complaints put forward against the Police force from the public eg: Ipcc to be stopped.
We believe that the by having an investigation body that has no links to the Police what so ever, would not only start to regain the public's trust within the law system today, but would also be a fairer and more competent way in which the Police were investigated prior to being held accountable (or not, depending on the investigations findings).
At present the complaints being dealt with are through the IPCC which is made up of a very high figure of former police officers who give very little confidence to the victim (or not) that is putting the complaint forward.
The current system of former Police being able to investigate current Police is unfair,bias, and unjustifiably and we call for this to change.

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Kelly Ann Davies

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Saturday 3 August 2013

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Tuesday 5 August 2014

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