Stop Jehovahs Witnesses From Being Able To Preach In Streets & At Your Door

I think that Jehovah's Witnesses shouldn't be allowed to stand in town centers and preach their beliefs to people. They also shouldn't be allowed to knock on peoples door also preaching their beliefs. It is a proven scientific fact that people whom are from a witness family commit suicide due to the mental torture caused by the beliefs. I for one have experienced this, my children's granddad committed suicide 2 weeks before the Christmas day 2013 & their uncle the same time in the year 2012. They was both brought up in a witness family, both brothers. My children's granddad left a note saying 'under NO circumstances do you allow any witnesses near my grandchildren.' So to me & many others it was the witnesses that sent him over the edge & i don't want any other family's going through the same heartbreak that my children went through.

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Katie Sinclair

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Tuesday 18 March 2014

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