Stop LL & LA disregarding Housing Benefit tenants out of hand

As a family with 3 children and an income of 19.5k we are subsidised by housing benefit. We have no debt whats so ever and live within our means, never late on any payment or bill.

However trying to move to a cheaper area further out of London where you get more for your money (and less rent than what it is at current location) and just mentioning "housing benefit" and thats it, you're excluded from any property let by that agent even though we have guarantors.

We are decent honest people and it is not fair to be disregarded so easily. We can prove from being in this situation over the past 4 years and through our financial evidence we are excellent current and prospective tenants.

LL & LA should have a duty to fully vet and not discriminate all, inc housing benefit prospective tenants.

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Chris Oslon

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Thursday 11 July 2013

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Friday 11 July 2014

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