Stop Marriage Fraud

There are laws in place that the UKBA can use to protect British Citizen's, but they never use them, instead always granting Citizenship's to the Fraudulent Immigrants.

Some people may never know they are a victim in this widespread fraud.

They marry you, get the visa to come to UK, then they use a common loophole in the immigration rules for domestic voilence, and automatically get access to citizenship and public funds, as well as take half your money.

Some people find out the marriage was fake, they make you feel your loved and once in the UK, hell plays up.

We want the government to crack down on this behaviour and enforce the laws and protect the British Citizens and Public Purse from these fraudsters who want a better life in the western world. If I committed fraud, I'd be charged and thrown in prison, so why not these immigrants committing Marriage Fraud and other deceptions.

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Brian Walker

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Friday 5 July 2013

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