Stop mere suspicion and opinion becoming fact , Open up the family Courts and Reform Social (Childrens) Services

We the undersign ask for a complete reform of Social (Childrens) Services. - Opening up of the Family Courts with proper evidence leading the way to prevent wrongful removal of children from loving families and to also ensue justice for the Victims.
This behind closed doors leaves no one accountable when things go wrong and no means for families to ever get back together when Social Workers get it wrong. - To stop Parents using the system as away to get back at the other parent which is happening more and more now in the courts in custody cases.
To make sure non statutory and statutory Bodies adere to regulations and guidelines (ie human rights privacy data protection) between agency to agency are been met and adered to with a Independent Regulatory Body to ensue this is happening and to deal with any complaints from the Service Users independently free from influnence.

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Kelly Corrigan

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Monday 30 December 2013

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Friday 2 January 2015

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