Stop Muslim Radicals from being allowed to incite Hatred against the UK

Enough is enough. Muslim radicals have literally stripped this country of its right to have ANY pride in this country. This includes issues such as being able to wave our nation's flag in public, and other things that 'offends' Islam. It's high-time the government put a stop to this nonsense in the name of being 'multi-cultural' when their agenda is to have Islam dominate the world under Sharia Law. This is OUR country, it's not racism to wave OUR national flag. If anything, we're the ones being discriminated against. Police should be given the power to stop protests against our country, and those who are publicly inciting religious hatred should be prosecuted and charged. What these people are doing is nothing less than TREASON against the UK.

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Courtney Manning

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Sunday 26 May 2013

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