Stop new immigration laws tearing families apart

I have seen countless instances where people who have married people from non-EU countries have had their families torn apart. The financial requirements for a UK Citizen to have their non-EU spouse granted access into the country are too high for a normal person to afford. If we were ever to leave the EU the issue would be on a greater scale.

Whole families from around Europe are able to move here, whole families who have no ties to the UK via family, and yet a woman and her baby are unable to have their husband and father join them in the UK. We take our Freedom of movement in the EU for granted, but no one be unable to have a life with their family because they do not reach the Home Office's high standards for entry to the UK. Punished for falling for someone from a non-EU country.

I see this as human rights breach. I don't understand how something like this can happen. This is not a solution that helps towards the mass immigration problems we are currently facing in the UK.

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Kristina Gonzalez

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Friday 29 November 2013

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