Stop Pharmacutical Torture of uk citizens on uk mental health wards

Pass a bill that over rides the mental health act to stop people being injected with drugs against their will and hold the uk government, the courts, and the people who work in those "hospitals" responsible for torture and their crimes against humanity.

British hospitals are deliberately injecting people against their will on mental health wards in order to silence free speech, political stands, and anyone with creative legal arguments which defend human rights.

Meanwhile the press are trying to reinforce the stigma that this category of people are dangerous if they aren't being "treated” in order to groom the uk population into accepting that it's ok to torture them in full view of the population at home. If released they live with the implied threat of indefinite detention at any time.

It's also a breach of article 3 of the European convention, the un declaration of human rights, the European charter of fundamental freedoms, the Geneva convention and the Hippocratic oath.

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Gareth Bowen

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Friday 8 November 2013

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Tuesday 11 November 2014

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