Stop private childcare companies from charging more than double in holiday time

During school holidays, the school club I use charges more than double than for term time. In term my costs go from just under £20 per week to £34 PER DAY in the holidays. I understand I use them more but they should not be allowed to charge so much just because it isn't term time.

Holiday companies have been slated for charging more in the school holidays, but for childcare there's no questions and can be equally as expensive. Its something you generally have to have as a working parent, and as the government are now stopping help with childcare for the 3rd child in a family, its going to cause hardship to a lot of families. Our club are now charging parents £5 per week per child over the 6 weeks if you don't go or they will not keep a term time place. Its unfair!

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Eve Byrom

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Monday 3 August 2015

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Wednesday 3 February 2016

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